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We are quality leader in Authentic Banknote and Counterfeit Banknotes printing. Our work ranges from the production of substrates and security features, through banknote printing and web application, to plant engineering. Our high-tech solutions ensure we produce the best banknotes in the world. Authentic has the Best Counterfeit Banknotes for sale. Recent developments in photographic, computer and printing technologies, along with the availability of low-cost equipment, have made the production of counterfeit money relatively easy.

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having the power of a big company, yet serving you as a small company can only mean one thing …we pay special attention to all our customers and treat every order as unique. For this reason, the ordering process is not only fast but also hassle free. Your notes will be shipped to you within the shortest possible time frame Note, we refund your money back in case the order didn’t go through in one reason or the other. We also offer discount on mass production or bulk buying.

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Contact us with your desired quantity and bank notes you would like to place and order for , once your order is placed, one of our agents will meet with you in person and you will be given FREE SAMPLES  of any NOTES you want. once you are sure of the quality of notes , then you can place an order. We try as much as possible to be transparent to make available a safe environment for our customers and ourselves. You can reach us with through the following methods to place and order or for any general inquiry.

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Tel: +1 (424) 210-5264. Calls/ Whatsapp/ Text.

You can as well fill the form below to reach us. we would get back to you as soon as we can. for faster replies, please use the details above.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to I place and Order for Counterfeit Notes?

Please visit our contact us page and fill the contact form, indicating what currency you are interested in in purchasing and the amount you would like to order. You can also place an order with us via whatsapp or talk to our customer support on the live chat app.

What Currencies do you print?

We print a variety of major and minor currencies such as USD, AUD, GBP, CHF , AED and many more, you can visit our available counterfeit notes page to find out the high quality counterfeit notes we  have.

How Long does it take till I receive my high quality counterfeit notes?

depending on where you are on the globe and the quantity you would like to purchase it may take up to 6 days before you receive your package, please speak to an agent on the livechat app to find out how long it may take for your specific location.

Where can I use your high quality counterfeit notes?

You can use our high quality counterfeit notes in malls , grocery shops, gas stations and many more. 

Do you offer sample?

yes we do offer samples for specific currencies and amount, please talk to our live chat agent to find out more or contact us via whatsapp for more details.